Top 3 Tips to Develop an SEO Strategy for 2020

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As with everything in digital marketing agency, SEO is changing fast. Ideally, you should review your existing SEO strategy every few months. The beginning of the New Year, 2020 is a great time to revamp your SEO, and develop a new strategy based on what’s working or not working. So here are 3 tips for developing a killer SEO strategy for this year.

1. Create a topic list
Instead of creating a list of keywords, you should first create a list of topics you want to cover. Selecting keywords is important, but not until you have your topics ready. Your SEO consultant can help you choose appropriate topics for your blog or social medial posts.

2. Identify long-tail keywords
Now that you have your topics ready, look for long-tail keywords relevant to your topic. You can use keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword tool to identify the keywords receiving high search volumes every month. At this point, you can also seek assistance of your digital marketing agency. If your website is new or doesn’t already have enough traffic, it could be difficult to rank higher on Google with short-tail keywords. Instead, try to optimize your content with long tail keywords at the start.

3. Create pages for each topic
Given the competition in online space, it is difficult to get one page to rank for multiple keywords. Instead, you should create a separate pillar page for each topic. For instance, if you have a printing business, one of your topics could be digital printing. Now create a pillar page for digital printing. Under than page, you can create several posts on different sub topics, such as, what is digital printing, how it works, types of digital printing and how to choose the right digital printing services. That way, you can set your page up for the win on search rankings. Your SEO expert can help you develop these strategies in 2020.

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