Top 4 Tips for Content Distribution

Gone are the days when only high quality content would do the trick for marketers in the online space. As any experienced SEO expert will tell you, alongside creating great content it is also about getting the content distribution right for being able to grab eyeballs. Here are four practical tips and measures to undertake for building a robust content distribution strategy.

1. Using the right distribution goals

One of the most fundamental things taught in any SEO training course is how to determine the distribution goals for an SEO campaign. To that end, you first need to identify your audience. What do you care about? Are you looking for brand awareness, social shares or conversions? Different distribution channels are suitable for different goals. So you should do enough research before deciding on your distribution goals.

2. Reaching out to influencers

If done right, this could be one of the best ideas for making your content visible to a large audience. You need to identify key influencers in your industry, show them the content you have created and ask them to share it through their social media pages. This works well because when your content is shared through them, their followers are more likely to take note.

3. Co-occurrence as a tool

It is important to understand that Google’s algorithms also work when there is no hyperlinking. Co-occurrence, a term used for placement, frequency and proximity of keywords which are related to the topic but not identically similar to it, can be built for making the content more visible across search engines.

4. Utilize Emails

Emails are still the most reliable means of content distribution. It is highly unlikely that your visitors will make time to read your blog post every day. However, if you send them an email with a link and a short excerpt of your content, the chances of them clicking on the link and visiting your blog, would be more. Similarly, sending weekly newsletters may also help.

Finally, it is always a good idea to seek professional help for content distribution from an experienced SEO expert.

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