Top Content Distribution Ideas for SMBs

Past few years have seen SMBs come a long way in their online marketing endeavors. From not having a website to frequent creation and distribution of content on their own blog and social channels, small business owners seem to have changed the way they used to perceive the power of online marketing.

However, just creating tons of content may not suffice in 2019. To stand out in the crowd of digital marketers, you need a proper plan for content creation and distribution. Every piece of content you create should have a goal. Your SEO expert or SEO consultant should help you plan what type of content you should create and where you should distribute them for maximum exposure. Here are two powerful content distribution ideas for SMBs in 2019.

1. Guest posting

As unexciting as it may sound, guest posting is still one of the most cost-effective yet powerful content marketing strategies in 2019. You don’t have to pay them for publishing your content. All you need is to find a popular website in your niche and create high-value content that appeals to their audience. Popular websites get hundreds of guest posting requests, so they might have strict policies for selecting content from third party marketers like you. So study their content and pitch them a topic idea that they’d never want to ignore. Make sure your content has a link to your website. That’s the whole purpose of guest posting – driving highly relevant traffic to your website from a popular website in your niche.

2. Sponsored content

Guest posting is a powerful strategy, but it takes time and effort to secure a guest post in popular sites. If you don’t have the time, use the power of money. You can publish paid posts to popular sites with much less time and effort. When creating a sponsored post, make sure it doesn’t sound overly promotional. Readers will already know they are reading a paid post. They may still like the content and visit your website through your backlink, if your offer enough value in your content.

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