Top SEO Tips for 2017

Search engines are fast coming up with fresh updates, and SEO techniques are rapidly changing. Businesses not only need to hire the best SEO services, but be in sync with the latest trends. Tricks and techniques that were relevant in 2016 aren’t merely ineffective; they can even hurt your rankings. Optimization of sites for handheld devices and quality content are as relevant as ever. Here are the top SEO tips for 2017, recommended by experts.

Optimize on the basis of user intent

2017 will be about answering actual search queries and not just using old on-page SEO techniques. Your headlines and meta-descriptions, too, should be focused. Google’s algorithm has evolved to include ‘rich results’ that provide the best answers at the top. Ask your SEO consultant to look at queries and not simply create keyword-rich content. Knowing your target audience helps to create quality content on a diverse range of topics.

Continue building quality back links

Back links will continue to help to attain good rankings even in 2017. The only caveat is that this year, the quality of links will matter a lot more. Paid links and blog comments not only don’t work, but they can negatively affect your site. Instead, focus on earning links through outreach, high-quality content, and influencer marketing. Guest blogging is another effective strategy to achieve quality backlinks.

Improve browsing experience

SEO services are focusing on facilitating better browsing experience in 2017. User experience actually begins even before someone visits the site. Improve it by testing the site link and fix any broken links, also keeping in mind smooth crawling and readability. Sites that are regular sites allow faster browsing. If your site is getting slow, it could be due to heavy images or unnecessary scripts. Experts also suggest that this year could be the time to start experimenting with AMP.

Format to improve readability

It is 2017, and a lot of sites have still not formatted the content on their sites. A study by Nielsen suggests using three ways to improve readability. The first is to use shorter paragraphs, with 3 sentences each, at the maximum. Another very important point is to keep sentences short. Since people scan content on the internet, make it easy by using ample sub-headers. Lastly, use bullet points to organize data.

Make the most of YouTube SEO

More than half of all Google keyword searches come up with at least one video. Further, 82% of these videos are from YouTube. YouTube records more than 3 billion video searches on a monthly basis, more than Yahoo and Bing combined. In 2017, one effective way to get on top of the first page is to ask your SEO consultant to focus on YouTube SEO. This will also help you receive traffic from YouTube.

Focus on reporting and analytics

Establishing an analytics platform will help track micro and macro events and improve marketing strategies. Start identifying parts of the site with the most UX issues and parts that appealed to the customers. You can use tools like Datastudio and Wayback Studio to get a comprehensive insight into how your marketing and content are performing.

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