Top SEO Trends 2022: A Good Strategy For An SEO Consultant

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Compared to the material on social media, search engine rankings bring almost 300% more visitors. So, a key component of your digital marketing agency should be keeping up with current SEO Training for SEO Consultants and developments.

While high-quality content is still king for your website’s visibility, SEO trends shift every year due to the evolving nature of search engine algorithms. This indicates that your search rankings and traffic will start to fall if you don’t stay up with evolving SEO trends and adjust your SEO approach.

Here are 5 SEO trends that have so far dominated in 2022:

  1. Core Web Vitals optimization

The page experience update from last year was likely the most significant change to search in a number of years. Google now formally considers page experience, which is now quantified via Core Web Vitals, as a ranking consideration.

Performance metrics included in Core Web Vitals are as follows:

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): the time it takes for the page’s biggest content asset to load.

First Input Delay (FID): how quickly a person may interact with your site after visiting it for the first time.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): how many unexpected layout changes take place within the page’s existence Improving Core Web Vitals signals throughout your pages will undoubtedly have the most noticeable influence on your search engine performance of all the places to focus your SEO spending in 2022.

  1. People Also Ask

Approximately 48.6% of searches now return results from Google’s “People also ask” feature, according to a recent analysis of 2.5 million search queries. You must include solutions to frequently asked queries in your material if you want to appear higher in search results.

This goes beyond the highlighted snippet. You can use a keyword tool to discover the appropriate keywords that your readers are looking for and incorporate them into your answers. Make sure you answer the queries in your content’s H2s, H3s, and H4s, or include a FAQ section.

  1. AI Content

The trend in SEO toward content produced by AI and optimized for search engines is only growing. This approach makes it possible to produce content more quickly and guarantees that it is highly optimized. When our agency needs to produce a lot of material quickly, leveraging AI has been a helpful filler.

For AI-generated content to be of high quality and uniqueness, humans must still be heavily involved in its evaluation and editing. Remember that simply creating the material and uploading it to the finished product can get you in trouble with Google.

  1. Use of Keyword Clusters

Researching keywords is still crucial. Every time one of the fundamental web metrics is updated, Google gets better at determining user intent. Using keyword clusters that incorporate major and secondary keywords is a more advanced and effective strategy.

This SEO trend demonstrates the need for digital marketers to go beyond the main term. Long-tail versions that serve the same search intent must likewise be your aim. Your page will be able to rank for more keywords as a result, of increasing traffic.

  1. Long-form content

High-quality material is frequently ranked by Google. There is a significant association between longer content and higher ranks even though the content length is not a ranking component.

Why? Because lengthy material is more likely to exhibit the E-A-T signals, which include in-depth information, original research and analysis, expert authorship, and source, Google equates with quality.  


Because search engine algorithms are continuously evolving, you need to keep up with the most recent SEO developments. Utilize keyword clusters, arrange your material for structured snippets, prioritize search intent, and leverage video marketing.

Which of these tactics do you anticipate being the most important in 2022?  



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