Understanding Keyword Intent for SEO (Part One)


Here’s one common problem online marketers face. Their content is great. They have optimized the content for relevant keywords. But still, their website won’t rank higher on search results.

If you are experiencing the same problem, you probably did not consider the keyword intent before content creation. Creating tons of SEO-friendly content without understanding the keyword intent sets you up for failure. So what is keyword intent? Why should you care? You can ask your SEO consultant or and SEO expert to read this article for clarity.

What is keyword intent?
Keyword intent, AKA search intent, is the intent of an online search. Not all users search the internet with the same purpose. Some people want to buy a product. Others may want to be informed about a certain topic. Some may simply look for a good deal from a certain brand. Interestingly, your keyword gives you a hint on the intent of a search. If you can take that into consideration when creating content for your audience, it would definitely help you improve your search ranking. Now let’s take a look at two of the most common types of keyword intent.

Informational intent
If the searcher is looking for information, they’ll type an informational keyword. Some examples of informational key-phrase could be 1) what is cryptocurrency? 2) How to play cricket? 3) Tips to find a digital marketing agency, etc. Notice that these keywords are asking for information on a certain topic. So if your keyword has an informational intent, you should probably create blog-articles, reviews or guide articles around that keyword.

Commercial intent
The search intent of certain keywords could be highly commercial. For instance, if someone searches for the key phrase, “buy cricket bats online,” it is evident that the person has already made his mind to purchase a cricket bat. So the top search results for that keyword would be product pages rather than informational articles.

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