When to Use Long-Form Sales Pages for Your Digital Marketing

If you have a steady flow of traffic but not enough conversions, you probably need to improve your post-click landing pages. As the term suggests, a post-click landing page is where your prospects land after they click on your ad or promotional link.

While most landing pages are made short and to the point, sometimes you may need to use a long-form sales page as your landing page. Your digital marketing agency can help you decide whether you actually need a long sales page, but it is always a good idea to know your own stuff or depend on an SEO expert or SEO consultant. Here are 2 situations where you should use a long-form sales page.

1. When prospects are not aware of your brand or product

Imagine buying a headset from an online store! If you’re like most people, you’ll simply visit a trusted online store, search for headsets from your favorite brands, read a few online reviews – and that’s it. You’ll complete the purchase within minutes. No sales pitch required.

But if what you were to buy an A/B testing software? It’ll probably take you more research and time in decision-making. That’s because you’re not aware of the product. In situations like this, a long, persuasive sales pitch can go a long way to push your customers through their doubts and indecision.

2. Your prospects don’t know what value your product brings to the table

It’s no secret that customers want value for money. But it’s one thing to purchase a $1000 watch; it’s another to buy a $1000 online course. Did you see the difference?  You know what value a watch offers, but you probably have no idea how a premium course can benefit you. So selling an online course might require more persuasion than selling a watch would require. This is a perfect example of when you should use a long sales page for clarifying the value of your product.

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