Why You should Avoid Cheap SEO Services


If you are tempted to hire cheap SEO services, you are not alone! Hundreds of SMBs in Singapore are penny-wise and pound-foolish. If that sounds rude to you, then I’m sorry, but that’s the reality today.

First, let’s understand what cheap SEO is. Well, it depends on your budget and financial capabilities. For instance, if your company is earning millions of dollars, then $10,000 for an SEO consultant may seem quite cheap for you. However, even $1000 per month for SEO would seem whopping, when you have a shoe-string budget.

While the term ‘cheap’ means different things to different people, there is one universal truth. Quality SEO does not come cheap. Here are some major reasons why you should avoid hiring cheap SEO services.

Cheap SEO could be counterproductive in the long run

White hat SEO takes a little time, but the results you get would be lasting. On the contrary, cheap SEO may get you quick results, but at the cost of your brand reputation. Be wary of digital marketing companies that give you assurance of quick results at surprisingly low price. Chances are that they are using black hat SEO techniques – which in the long run may end up getting your company blacklisted by Google. Once your website gets blacklisted, you’ll lose your existing customers, and it would take a lot of time and money to recover from the penalty. You may need to hire another more experienced SEO consultant. Even then, there is no surety of a complete recovery.

Cheap SEO does not add value

Cheap SEO lacks originality, customization, and innovation. This type of SEO services does not add value to your marketing campaigns. They offer one-size-fits-all solutions and never take the time and effort to tailor their services to fit your target customers. Often, a cheap SEO company would be terrible in commutation, because they are always busy trapping new customers. They care less about existing customers and more about potential customers. They spend more on front-end sales, and less on improving service quality.

Lack of money holds them back from taking the necessary steps

A cheap SEO company, even with the best of intentions, cannot deliver great results – because they do not have the money to spend on quality content and back links. They can only use some time-consuming SEO techniques, such as, keyword research, webpage optimization, and very limited technical optimization.

Without enough budget, you cannot create quality content, spend time on quality link building – neither can you afford to place your links on high ranked sites. As a result, you may not see enough improvement in your page ranking for a long time. Or, they will take the wrong route for quick results – which would eventually get your website penalized.

Experience matters

It is always a good idea to get SEO done by a team of experts. If you hire a digital marketing company for cheap SEO, do not even expect quality services from experienced professionals. They will hire entry-level staff to compensate for the discount they offer. Eventually, the services would not help in the long run.
The bottom line here is; do not choose an SEO company only on the basis of cost. Do a thorough background check before hiring.

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