Improving your Website’s ROI on Social Media Marketing – Part 1

Website promotion through social media is so crucial nowadays. Facebook, Twitter and other social media services can bring great progress to your website’s conversion rate especially if you use them intelligently. Website owners often complain about not having a good ROI for their social media marketing so if you have any similar concerns, you are at the right place.

This is where SEO services can play a crucial role in helping you promote your local businesses through social media. SEO service providers such as Dynamic Marketing can get your website conversion rate higher than you might expect.

Is Social Media a Major Marketing Source?

There is quite a debate about the effectiveness of social media marketing. Some believe social media to be the key to online marketing while others suggest that it shouldn’t be counted as an ROI variable. To them, social media is not a major enough source to be relied upon heavily.

The Truth

Stats suggest that more than 40% don’t consider social media to be a game changer. While the others say they have experienced positive changes both at extreme and milder levels. Since the majority believes it to be a helpful tool, we can consider social media to be a decent online marketing gadget.

Besides SEO consultants who will look into more of the technical matters, there is a lot you can do on your own for social media promotion. Today we will discuss some useful tips and tricks to get you the desired ROI on your social media promotions.

Create Awareness

Most companies dedicate nearly 75% of their budget on digital marketing. For them it’s a major tool to get new customers. If you can get the customers’ attention with your product, there are good chances they will return to you the next time.

For this to happen, you must appear on search result pages. Good SEO services will always optimize your content in a way that your appearance on search results is almost guaranteed every time. In addition to that, you should try paid social media advertisements.

Another important dimension in creating customer awareness is to target your business related platforms. It will get you straight to the people of your business.

Ensure that your Business Posts aren’t Dry

About 65% of adults use social media in one form or the other. One of the major reasons of social media usage is the element of fun attached to it. We like entertainment stuff more than boring posts and long articles. This is why, when you target your audience on social media, you can never overlook the entertainment factor.

Catchy one liner and attractive images are a crucial part of attractive social media posts. What’s even more important is that your posts and content should be native to your audience. Nearly 2.3 billion people use social media. Since your business will be targeting a very low percentage of this population, they should be specific to your audience.

Find out more about effective social media conversion rate techniques in the next part of this article.