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Can your website be found on 1st Page of Google for the search terms that your potential use to find your business online? 

If cannot, it might be time for you to consider improving your website’s Google search ranking with Search Engine Marketing, with the help of a expert Singapore SEO consultant. 

This is because you are likely losing out traffic, online visibility and leads to your competitors and SEO marketing gives one of the highest ROI compared to other online marketing strategies. 

Discover The Secrets Of How Your Business Can Be On Google Page 1.

Why Consider Engaging a SEO Consulting Firm Services?

There are currently more about 3 billion searches on Google daily, if your site does not rank on the first page of Google or among the Top 10 Organic search results, your potential customers are unlikely to find your business and will not have the chance to know what your business offers.

In fact, based on your own browsing behavior, it is likely that you seldom visit the Page 2 of Google when you do a Google search, so you can expect the same for your potential customers.

Hence, your business is likely to be losing out leads, sales and market share to your competitors who are on on the top and Page 1 of Google. 

You might also be thinking if i leave my website alone, will it rank by itself in the search engines? Unfortunately, as business across industries have become competitive, it is high likely that would happen especially if you are in a competitive industry because it is likely that your competitors have already hired a SEO company to assist them with their search engine rankings. 

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The term SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. In layman terms, it means making the the web pages on our website effective so that it can be found at the top of search engine results (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing).

SEO marketing is a subset of a broader marketing strategy known as internet marketing or online marketing, whereby internet marketing in simple layman terms, means using the internet to promote your business online over the internet.

Ideally, the website can be found on the first page of Google (Page 1 of Google) or other search engines because few users go to the second page of Google or other search engines nowadays.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works are almost mandatory so that your website is noticeable in a search engine, otherwise why would anyone want to spend money and build a website for your business.

Those that study and practice this area of study are commonly known as Search Engine Optimization consultant or SEO consultant. A SEO expert would be able to diagnose and help you to rank your website on Google.

What is a SEO consultant's Job Description, Packages and Salary?  

In our SEO agency, our team of SEO consultant and SEO expert help clients' websites gain more traffic and visibility online by placing or ranking their competitive keywords on the first page of Google.

During this SEO servicing process, the SEO consultant would have to do his best to rectify any errors in the client's website, apply best SEO practices so that our clients' business can be found on the top of Google and search engines whenever a prospective buyer is looking for what they sell. 

That in essence, would be the most important role and job description of a SEO consultant. 

A good SEO consultant must be proficient in using the Google Keyword Planner tool to help you discover and uncover the right keywords to use.

In addition to improving your search rankings on the major search engines like Google, a competent SEO consultant should also deploy defensive strategies to maintain the website's top ranking on Google, so that the website can be continuously found online, 24/7. Because we must not forget that competitors are constantly trying to outrank your website, especially in Singapore where it is a small country with many businesses that are quite saturated. 

How To Become A Good SEO Consultant

Typically, a good SEO consultant starts out from being a trainee/intern to a senior SEO consultant or SEO agency because SEO marketing is not something that is taught as a subject in Singapore schools.

But after learning the ropes, he should not only apply Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that is being taught to him but a good consultant should also attend other SEO training courses, Google Certification courses so as to keep update with the latest Google algorithm changes.

Depending on the SEO company, a SEO consultant when starting out fresh in this industry could receive a annual salary of $30,000 - $50,000. This will also depend on others factors like whether the SEO consultant is on full salary scheme, or part commission scheme. 

On a practical level, a SEO consultant's salary or fees will also depend on the SEO agency's packages as the price of SEO services can vary widely from as low as $500 monthly to as high as $5,000 monthly depending on the client's industry and scope of works. It will also depend on the level of experience the SEO specialist has. Typically, to reach a SEO expert level, he must have did  SEO marketing works on various industries, and at least 3 years of intense SEO experience. 

Freelance SEO consulting and consultants have also been getting very popular of late. They work behind the doors for bigger SEO or digital marketing agencies. Do not be surprised that SEO freelancers are behind the success stories of many successful SEO projects. 

When you hire SEO services, you can expect that some of the things that a professional SEO consultant should know and do, will include diagnosing your website with a SEO audit, link building plan, link removal of any toxic links, reputation management and content creation etc.

To reach a SEO expert level, it will require the SEO consultant to have much  deeper understanding of the topics that was mentioned, have deep experience across multiple industries and rankings in them. 

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Discover The Secrets Of How Your Business Can Be On Google Page 1.

A Leading Singapore SEO Consultant Approach & Methodology

A good SEO consultant keeps updated with the latest search algorithm, and plan out SEO consulting campaigns accordingly. This is important so that we always help your website to stay safe and importantly keep you ahead of your competition.

Being effective, SEO Services is actually affordable and effective as compared to other digital marketing channels (like Pay Per Click (PPC) of Facebook and Google Ads) and even the traditional print media.

In fact, many big companies and MNCs have either engaged SEO consultant or have an in house to assist them in their online visibility especially in Singapore.

Advice SEO Consultant

What Strategy Does Our Expert SEO Consultant Use?

There are two schools of thoughts in the SEO 'world'. Black hat and White hat.

Black hat refers to 'unethical' ways considered by Google to boost up the Google rankings of a website. It is risky and risk being penalised by Google. 

We use white hat SEO techniques to provide our clients with positive results that last and we work towards a larger goal of stability, sustainability in getting our clients more leads and conversions.

Even when your website shows up on the first page of search results, it may still have a low conversion rate. Remember that your ultimate goal is to win more sales. Therefore, ranking the right keywords is extremely important. 

Ranking for keywords and search terms that have no 'buying intent' will not help your business. 

Thus, before we start any SEO campaign, we will first work with our clients to identify the most relevant keywords for their business. Once our SEO consultant spot the right keywords with our consulting clients, we then focus on improving the website structure, increasing quality content, images, videos and work on improving the Google rankings. 

Is SEO Safe?

Definitely. If you indulge in illicit SEO practices, your website could be penalized, or even blacklisted by Google.

We understand that black hat techniques can negatively affect your search ranking, and thus we never use black hat and quick-fix strategies for your SEO campaign.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Do SEO

If your business wants to do business online (directly or indirectly), you need a top SEO consultant / SEO expert and preferably the best SEO consultant you can get.

And one who preferably have experience, or specialise in your industry to help your business website stay on top of the ever-changing search engine algorithms. 

So that your website can be found when someone googles for your product or services. 

Major reasons why your business needs to hire a professional SEO consultant for your business:

Know more about your current and potential customers

Assist you to obtain higher ROI at a competitive cost

Improve your local search ranking

A SEO consultant can help you to win your competition

Drive more traffic to your website

Save you valuable time

What Makes Our SEO Consulting Services Different?

Now let’s take a look at some major reasons why you should choose to hire our SEO company and have our SEO consultant in Singapore to help grow your business via SEO.

In-depth knowledge

Proven track record

Understanding of the larger picture

Customized SEO solutions developed

Competitive pricing 

Timely communication

Activities a Good SEO Consultant Do

how to hire SEO consulting firm

Conducting a marketing review

Conducting a full audit

Conduct keyword research and recommend what are the best keywords suitable for you and business, after understanding what are your goals

Check for broken links

User experience audit

Some technical SEO things we will be doing (where necessary)

Monthly blog content writing

Google my business

After analysis, the SEO consultant will specially craft out a SEO strategy to improve the visibility of your website so as to drive traffic and increase sales leads to your website.

Our SEO consultant can also assist you in fixing duplicate content issues, do competitor analysis, resolve URL issues and any other issues that affect(s) your Google rankings.

With the right SEO strategy in place, your website will start to regain back your edge or gain an edge over your competition in Singapore. 

Discover The Secrets Of How Your Business Can Be On Google Page 1.

Questions whether our SEO Consultant are right for your business?

Feel free to contact us to discuss whether we are the right fit as your SEO consultant.

With our years of experience, our SEO consultant are confident that once you understand what you are currently missing out on potential sales to your competitors who are on Google Page #1. You will be driven to take action on regain what you are currently missing out on potential traffic and sales due to your website not being productive and not doing well online.

With the assistance of a good SEO consultant to assist you, you can be confident of getting more traffic, winning more sales, and reaching out a larger customer base.

Do I Really Need to Hire a SEO consultant?

Good question. You can choose to read up on SEO (search engine optimization) on your own. However, there is a ton of information overload out there. Some works and some are outdated SEO knowledge. In order to know what works or not, it will be very time and resources intensive for you. That said, you may risk affecting your website. 

If you engage SEO consultants or SEO consulting companies, we will apply tried and proven SEO strategies on your website, saving you time and money. Feel free to speak to us and ask us about our track record - one of your competitors ranking in Google today might be our client.

What Is the Difference between a Expert SEO Consultant and Amateur?

Many agencies have interns and fresh graduates and trained them to be up and coming SEO consultants. ie Even though the person has not ranked any website with prior experience, he/she might be doing the job and 'experimenting' with your website.

That approach is not wrong but that is not the approach our agency takes. We ensure that every SEO consultant that we have at least 2 years experience in SEO or digital marketing.

We consider someone a SEO expert if he/she understands the google algorithm, and updated with the latest Google updates.

Importantly, the SEO consultant must have ranked multiple clients' websites in multiple industries before we can consider him good. Lastly, this person must be passionate about SEO, otherwise it's hard to keep up with the changes in this industry.

A Good SEO consultant Has Good Reputation and Standings with its current and past clients

There is no doubt that the SEO consultant that you engage, must have success stories to share about their client's works.

Hence, please don't hesitate to check with our SEO consultant what they have done for their clients. While, we might sometimes encounter some issues due to the confidentiality of some of our clients, rest assured that we will share as much as we can. 

Discover The Secrets Of How Your Business Can Be On Google Page 1.

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