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Learn How to Rank Your Website on Page #1 of Google

If you are a business owner or marketing professional, this is one SEO training course you do not want to miss.

Ranking at the top of Google for your business related keywords virtually guarantees an unlimited stream of highly qualified leads, totally FREE.

So if your website is not getting the traffic and visitors it deserves, you can be sure that your competitors are currently enjoying that advantage over your business.

The question isn't whether we should do SEO. The question is how well can we do it.

In this highly effective SEO training course, business owners, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs will learn exactly what to do in order to rank their own / client's business website on Page #1 of Google.

SEO Training Course Overview

This SEO Training Course is for business owners and marketing professionals in Singapore who are keen to rank their website on Page #1 on Google so that they can have more online brand visibility, more clientele and revenue.

Rise Above Your Competition with Our SEO Training Course

SEO Training Course Singapore

Let me ask you a question...
Do you have a website but no one ever visits or buys from your website, except your own friends and employees?

If you answered yes, then your website is unproductive and not serving it's true purpose which is to attract more leads and bring you more sales and revenue.

At Dynamic Marketing, we offer SEO Training Courses to help business owners be empowered to place their websites on Page #1 of Google. Our SEO training program is structured and presented in a way so that business owners are empowered to increase their website's presence online.

Our SEO training course is also meant for business owners / marketing professionals who have a budget constraint or intending to hire a SEO agency, it is definitely good to know more about how the search engine works via our SEO Training program.

All you need is to join our SEO training course in Singapore. It’s a short-term course for those who want to get started quickly. Whether you are a marketing professional, a web copywriter, or a business owner, this course introduces you to the basics of search engine optimization. You also get a chance to implement what you learned in the practical sessions.

But wait….before you enroll, take a look at the specifics of this SEO Training course.

Rank Your Website With Our SEO Training Course!

Now that you have enough information about our 2-day SEO training course in Singapore, it’s time for you to make a decision. If you still have any questions, you can contact us for a non-obligatory phone consultation.

SEO Training Course - Benefits

From our experience, there is no one size fits all SEO strategy. As the saying goes, "same same but different".

Every company is different, at different phases of their digital marketing journey. Hence, our SEO consultant will speak to the customer first, understands their needs, marketing campaign objectives before suggesting or adopting any SEO strategies to help our clients.

  • Discover SEO strategies and techniques to rank your website on Page #1 of Google
  • Discover the Power of Organic search and get your business and brand FOUND on Google
  • Stop worrying about where to get your next lead or client because there are hundreds, if not thousands of people looking for your products or services every month. Substantially Increase your business profits and revenue
  • 2X to even 10X your current website traffic visitors depending on your website current position. Organic search traffic is considered one of the most useful marketing channels when it comes to website visitors into customers. – Search Engine Land
  • Get more leads and sales onlineSave your advertising dollars on expensive Advertisements or costly SEO service packages
  • Be able to oversee and manage Search Engine Optimization campaigns in-house or through an agency.

Michael has helped me to rank my website on Page #1 although I never thought it was possible.



Who Should Join the SEO Training course?

Essentially, it would include anyone who owns a website and is interested in bringing their website to the 1st page of Google so as to increase their leads, sales and their brand.

This includes marketing professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs who wish to learn the latest techniques of SEO.

  • Business Owners who want to save 1000s of $$ without hiring an SEO company & Learn in-house SEO
  • Marketing Professionals (managers & executives) who are required to understand how search engines work in order to manage SEO campaigns and oversee SEO vendors, as well as how to develop/optimize content and webpages to increase search rankings
  • Anyone who wants to get more clients and increase their brand & market visibility
  • Web Designers and Web Developers who wants to design / develop search engine optimized website for your clients
  • Content developers & bloggers who need to understand how to build a SEO friendly website so that their content can be found onlineOnline / Affiliate Marketers
  • E-commerce sellers

SEO Training Course Duration

This is a 2-day Hands-On SEO Training course in Singapore. It will be a powerful, informative and intensive SEO training course taking place over a period of two full days, from 9am to 5.30pm. 

Objective of SEO Training Course

Our course focuses mainly on hands-on SEO training. We believe true learning happens in practical sessions – through trial and errors. To that end, our course participants will be working on website where they can try their hands in keyword research, link building, and on-page SEO.

The SEO Training course aims to introduce you to all important aspects of search engine optimization, so that learning doesn’t stop even after you complete the course. Our SEO course aims to build the foundation for an ongoing self-learning process.

Learning Outcome - SEO Training Course

Once you complete our 2-day SEO Training course in Singapore, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge and skills on :

  • How to plan and implement an SEO campaign for your website
  • How to earn quality back links without having to try too hard
  • How to conduct keyword research and competitor analysis
  • How on-page and off-page SEO work
  • How to use some major free SEO tools to your advantage
  • How to stay updated with the ever-changing Google algorithms
  • And much more

Course Modules - SEO Training

Our course has been designed to cover the key components of SEO. We have developed a structured curriculum after days of research. Here’s a look at our course contents.

Introduction to SEO

  • Why SEO is important
  • How search engines work
  • White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO Techniques

Looking at the bigger picture

  • How SEO relates to Internet Marketing
  • SEO vs. SEM
  • Organic search Vs Paid search
  • Key benefits and drawbacks of SEO

Planning SEO Campaigns

  • Things to consider when planning an SEO campaign
  • How to generate reports of website traffic
  • Step by Step approach to planning an SEO campaign

Keyword Research

  • Why you need to conduct keyword research
  • How people search
  • Types of keywords and their significance
  • How to use keyword research tools
  • Advanced keyword analysis techniques

Link Building

  • Importance of link building
  • How to identify and earn quality back links
  • Most effective link building strategies
  • Top tips on link building

On-Page Optimization

  • Why on-page optimization is important
  • Key elements of on-page optimization
  • How to write title tags and meta description
  • Tips on SEO copywriting
  • How to identify and use contextual keywords
  • How to optimize with images
  • Tips for mobile optimization

Competitor Analysis

  • How to collect competitor data
  • How to analyze competitor information

Other Areas of SEO

  • Local search ranking and how it works
  • Things to know about multilingual SEO
  • How mobile SEO works

Frequently Asked Questions

Only two days of intensive learning and this SEO training program can change the way you’ve been doing business online.

Why depend on others for SEO when you can do it on your own? Our SEO training course worked for many business owners. It can work for you too!

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