3 Reasons SEO Matters for Your Small Business

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SEO plays an important role in digital marketing. Today, around 90% of people look for products, goods and services on search engines. Here are three reasons why it is important for your startup or small business.

1. SEO services are cost-effective

Rather than paying huge amounts of money for various other digital marketing forms you should hire an SEO consultant. SEO services provide a much better ROI than PPC advertising or email marketing. SEO works over a period of time and does not require full time management. Therefore, SEO services don’t cost as much as PPC advertising does. They can be customized to requirement, budget, and priorities.

2. SEO helps drive more mobile traffic

With each day, mobile traffic is overtaking traffic on desktops. Recently, Singapore ranked #1 in the world in Smartphone penetration. This is all the more reason for a small business to start using SEO that helps target the mobile generation. And this is true for both brick and mortar and e-commerce companies. For best results, you should hire a digital marketing firm that offers comprehensive SEO services.

3. SEO helps update your online marketing strategy regularly

If you have not partnered with an efficient SEO consultant firm yet, you are losing out on your online traffic. Google’s SEO algorithm receives regular updates. According to experts, it receives an update every three months. Your SEO agency will keep a tab on all such updates, and develop your strategy accordingly.

Promoting your business on social media sites, such as, Facebook and Twitter, is also important. An experienced SEO consultant would know how to do that for your business.

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